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Paint io with people from all over the world in a live multiplayer experience! Choose one of the European, Asian and American continents options and continue your struggle to grow your continent as a team.

How to Play

Choose your continent at the entrance to the game and you need to grow your continent with the players who are in this team live.

Swipe to return. Close your territory to gain territory. Steal your opponent's spaces and run over their tails to kill them! When you die, re-enter the game and do not leave your team without support. he invites you to the most colorful contest ever! All you really need to do is choose your character and start beating your opponents in this fun online skill game. If you move fast enough, you can conquer the entire field and take your place on the list as the winner! If you are ready, let's see how good you are at painting with your color!

This fun skill game allows you to participate in a big competition where you beat your opponents by painting with your color. You start the game with a small area and the goal is to expand that area as much as possible. To do this, you must first choose your character, set a color for you, then move to paint the area. When you leave your own space, your character automatically starts painting. But to make sure that no one can interrupt your picture and complete the entire space, you need to return to the area you conquered. If your opponents cross your line before you complete your picture, you will fail. Move to create small areas to be able to reach your main field before your opponents cut your line and kill you. You can apply the same logic to kill opponents. You can pass through their lines and kill them before they reach their fields. If you are ready now, let's start the!

The Paint io unblocked game is played with the direction keys on computers, and on mobile phones and mobile tablets by dragging your finger up and down the screen left and right. Each contestant has a special color on the playing field. It shows its region by painting the rectangular areas in the area with this color. You can enter someone else's territory and include it in your own. In the same way, competitors can infiltrate your region and take a piece of land from you. While drawing a rectangle, before coming to your own zone, if one of your opponents hits the road you have drawn, you are burned and out of the game. In the same way, you play the paint io game by hitting the rectangular line of your opponents and eliminating them. Sorting appears in the upper right corner of the screen. As you grow your region, you earn points. The ranking in the upper right corner is lidded according to the order of points. Eliminate your opponents one by one and take the lead by having the largest territory.

Try to fill the screen with your paint in this fun online .io game. Avoid other players or try to kill your opponents by running to their lines. Increase your points by expanding your territory. Keep increasing your score until you reach number one on the server. If you like this game, be sure to play our other .io game.

The paperio scoreboard refreshing every 1 minute.